What Are Oxheart Tomatoes & Should I Plant Them?

Have you ever seen oxheart tomatoes before? They are something that I like, and they are not new. Unfortunately, they are very popular in the US. They were discovered in the 1900s.

There is a rumor that oxheart tomatoes were named because of the shape of their bottom end, which resembles an ox heart; this is true! Oxhearts have been around for 100+ years.

Oxheart tomatoes are very similar to beefsteak tomatoes in that they have a very large, plump fruit. This is the way they look when they are still on the vine: After they are harvested, they turn into dark and glossy red tomatoes. Oxhearts are not available in many supermarkets or markets because there is not a lot of demand for them.

What are Oxheart Tomatoes?

Lycopersicum esculentum is a tomato variety originating from the Virginias. They are called oxheart tomatoes from the Italian Cuore di Bue. Oxheart tomatoes have a deep red, bright glossy, and thick skin. Their skin is a little bit thicker than that of a tomato hullo and can be used to make sauces and soups. If you cut them open, you will see their flesh has a typical tomato flavor with minimal flavor differences between different oxheart varieties.

Varieties of Oxheart tomatoes

FlavourAromatic, sweet, slightly tangy 
LocationGreenhouse, outdoors in bed or pot
FruitBeef, tomato; various colors
GrowthIndeterminate, up to 2m in height
Ripeningtime Middle to late

Characteristics of Oxheart tomatoes

Oxheart tomatoes are similar to bull’s heart tomatoes. Oxheart is a beef tomato group with 1000-1500 grams of fruit skin thick, which makes for a sauce or can be used to make tomato paste.

Some varieties of ‘Oxheart’ tomatoes are available in red, yellow, orange, and white. The colors vary from round to pear-shaped and are either smooth or rough. The flesh of ‘Oxheart’ is yellowish orange with a thick skin that is not overly elastic but can be soft to slightly crunchy.

The taste of the ‘Oxheart’ tomatoes varies greatly depending on the variety. This is what distinguishes them from other beef tomato varieties such as Crofton or Ailsa Craig. Some of the sweetest varieties are suitable for canning, while others are best eaten fresh after being harvested just before they ripen. They provide their best flavor when they have been harvested at room temperature rather than at too high a temperature or when they are cooked in sauces and soups instead of fresh salad food such as lettuce, onions, and yogurt dressing.

Growing Oxheart Tomatoes:

Start seed indoors 6-8 weeks before the first frost best soil temperature for germination is 50 degrees. Prepare your no-till bed with a tiller.

1. Provide support

Oxheart tomatoes grow to be large, anywhere from 1 to 3 pounds each. Support them with your own fruit tomato cages or stakes will do the job nicely.

2. Planting Zone

Tomatoes require full sun to produce fruit. Therefore, you should plant them outside in the garden, exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Plant Spacing

Oxheart tomatoes can be planted in wide-spaced rowsPlant far enough apart to ensure good air circulation. Tomato plants require good soil for production.

4. Watering

A tomato plant grows best with a consistent water supply. You should apply water every day at least once or twice a day but avoid overwatering so as not to cause rot.

Oxheart Tomatoes vs. Other Heirloom Varieties

The heart shape, lobed top and tapered bottom, and large size and weight of tomatoes distinguish them from other varieties. The heart shape of the tomato gives it a unique look and is what has made this variety known as ‘Oxheart.’ The tomatoes are actually green when they are first planted but will turn colors as they ripen. Oxheart tomatoes produce fruit after fruiting, which means that they will continue to grow until the weather begins to grow cool. Before this time, they need to be pruned back so that the plant will start to produce another crop of tomatoes.

Oxheart vs. Beefsteak Tomatoes

Ox-heart tomato varieties can be found in many markets ranging from supermarkets to farm stands. When you are buying them, they may be labeled “Beefsteak” or “Beefsteak Hybrid.” That is because these tomatoes have been hybridized from the original Oxheart variety through selective breeding. Beefsteaks are known for their very large fruit size and are grown in home gardens as well as commercial production. They are also a common variety sold in grocery stores.

The best’ Oxheart’ tomato varieties

  1. Orange Russian’
  2. 2.‘Anna Russian
  3. 3.White Oxheart
  4. 4.‘Bulgarian Oxheart’
  5. 5.‘Coeur de Boeuf
  6. 6. Hungarian Heart
  7. 7. Japanese Oxheart
  8. 8. Livingston’s Giant Oxheart
  9. 9. Dwarf Purple Oxheart
  10. 10. Upstate Oxheart

Uses of Oxheart Tomatoes

Oxheart tomatoes are also known for their intense flavor and can be used to make salsas, sauces, and jellies. These tomatoes may also be used as garnishes for other dishes. They are also commonly used in sandwiches and salads because of the intense tomato flavor they add. You might also notice oxheart tomatoes in your local farmer’s market or even at a specialty grocery store. Oxheart tomatoes are also a great choice for canning and other preservation methods.

Ever notice that tomatoes are often called “cherry” or “cherry-like” in the grocery store? That is because oxheart tomatoes have a very juicy, red flesh with a thick skin that gives them a “cherry-like” appearance. They can be eaten alone or added to other ingredients. Oxheart tomatoes are also commonly used when making stew or soup recipes.

Can you grow Oxheart Tomatoes in Containers?

Yes, they can be grown in a container. Similar to other varieties of tomatoes, Oxheart tomatoes are best grown in containers. They will perform better in a container rather than in a garden. They fit well with many other varieties, such as ‘Roma’ and Chinese varieties, because they usually have more leaves than the fruit that you can see, so good air and light circulation are important for good growth. The Oxheart tomato will grow true to type and produce large and delicious fruit.

Harvesting Oxheart Tomatoes

Once the tomato has matured, it is ready for harvest. The fruits can be different colors and will have different tastes depending on which variety you are growing. The tomatoes are ready for harvest when they turn yellow and fall to the ground. You need to wait until the tomato is fully mature. Otherwise, you might hurt your hands when cleaning them.


Oxheart varieties are also commonly known as salad tomato, and it is similar to other varieties of tomatoes in that respect. It does not have many of the disease problems that some other types of tomatoes may have. The flavor is very good for a tomato, too, so you will be glad you thought about growing Oxheart tomatoes when the time comes to harvest them. in this article, we have discussed the Oxheart tomato. Hope you like it. If you have any questions in mind, then use the comment box.