Tomato Plants too Tall and Leggy- How to Fix & Prevent Spindly Tomatoes

Have you noticed that your tomato plants are just unbelievably tall and leggy and have no smidgeon of leaves? This is because there are a lot of environmental factors that can influence the size of your tomato plant.

This is why it is so important to be careful in your choice of what you plant in your garden. What I mean by choosing the right plant is to make sure you choose something that will give you what you want in an environment similar to where it will grow best.

In this article, I will show you two small tricks that you can use to keep your plants from growing too tall and leggy. 

How to Fix Leggy Tomato Plants?

Leggy tomatoes may be caused by a handful of factors, including watering, sunlight, and overcrowding. A leggy tomato plant requires 8 hours of direct sunlight, daily watering, and avoiding overcrowding. 3 Stems per pot is the minimum. If you have more than 3 stems per pot, remove one of the vines to leave only three.

Pinch or Top Tomatoes

Pinch or top tomato plants when they are young. Beefsteak, Better Boy, Sun Gold, and Early Girl are all beefsteaks. Indeterminate varieties can be cut back and produced fine. Google your specific variety to make sure it’s indeterminate or not. Tapping or topping tomatoes are not good for growing them under normal conditions. This is a method only used under a high-stress situation.

One method of controlling the height of tomato plants is to pinch or top them. This will induce the plant to have more side branching and reduce height while still producing usable fruit.

Replant Your Tomatoes Deeper

Trim off the bottom branches and replant with the main stem. Roots will naturally develop more roots when they are supported by more roots. However, depending on the variety chosen for your plant, you may have to increase the diameter of your plant, as not all varieties will work well in this method.

How to Prevent Spindly Tomato Plants

The following are some methods of preventing tall or spindly tomato plants:

1. Light deficiency or excessiveness

A lack of adequate sunlight will result in leggy tomato plants every time. This is a common mistake made by new and experienced growers alike. Seeds and young tomatoes are prone to legginess as they are growing like crazy. When enough sunlight cannot reach them, they are often from a lack of adequate sunlight.

Too much light will also result in leggy tomato plants every time. If you are an experienced grower and you cannot get enough sunlight into your growing area, then consider using grow lights as opposed to using window lights and fluorescent or other artificial light. Sunlight is the best lighting for tomato plants.

2. Deficiency of Water

Tomato plants need frequent watering during the vegetative stage if they are to reach their full potential. Mature plants need daily watering, and any less will result in the loss of their tomatoes. Tomato plants are very water hungry because they have many dry periods during their growth before they start flowering. If you do not water them often enough, the stems will be too soft, and the tomato will not set fruit.

3. Overcrowding

If you are growing too many tomatoes in one pot, then your plants will be weak and leggy. This is because they are not getting enough sunlight, and they cannot give room to enough tomatoes. If you need more tomatoes, then you can start new plants but do not overcrowd your plants.

Solutions for Leggy Tomato Plants

1. Repot and Position

Report your tomato plant deep into the soil. Provide your plant with a large enough pot to grow roots properly. If you keep your tomatoes in a pot, move them indoors if they are too cold outside. You should make sure that you do not change the room temperature too much.

2. Grow in Lights

You may need to provide tomatoes with houseplants with extra light if they are outside and do not get enough natural light. You can buy special grow system lights. There are different types of lights. Do not use fluorescent light as these have a very short lifetime. If you put the tomato in direct sunlight, they will grow fast and be out of control.

3. Apply Fertilizer

A tomato plant will grow in poor soil. You do not have to apply fertilizer every week or month, but if you see that the tomato is growing too well and very fast among other plants, you may be sure that it needs fertilizer to grow properly. There are different kinds of fertilizer for tomatoes. You can apply a chemical flower fertilizer or food-based tomato fertilizer without extra costs.

4. Watering

Watering is the most important part of growing a tomato plant. If you do not water your tomato plants properly, they will die. You should provide your tomatoes with enough water if the soil is dry or not draining the excess water from them.

5. Planting and Plant Care Tips

You can plant your seedlings in a row, but it is better to plant them in containers as well to help them grow faster, as they have more root surface area. You can also use plants that have been grown in baskets by providing additional drainage holes though you should find an alternative remedy if you do so.

You can always transplant the young plants into large containers after they have grown at least two feet tall with sufficient roots so that they may have more space to grow towards the other side of the container and get further development.


Will pruning my leggy Tomato plant fix the issue?

Pruning helps leggy tomatoes grow. Providing proper sunlight is the best way to grow leggy tomatoes. Just make sure not to prune too much, and if the plant is still developing, it may be better to leave the plant alone.

Should I pinch the flowers off my tomato plant?

Flowers help tomato plants get fertilized and bear fruitRemoving flowers from tomatoes will decrease their amount. Removing the flowers from tomato plants would be a good way to prevent them from ever getting overcrowded.

Should I prune my Tomatoes in pots?

Yes, you need to prune your tomatoes in pots. When the plants have reached a reasonable size, prune them back to control the size of their branches, and provide more air circulation. After they’re grown into maturity, you can begin to cut out any weak branches that may be damaged from rubbing up against each other or from dropping leaves onto them.

Will cutting back my Tomato plant help it grow down?

It will help your tomato plant develop the roots needed for better anchorage, but it will not cure a dip in growth. While it is important to find a balance between these two diseases by letting some of the terminal branches grow longer so that they can act as anchors for new roots (when appropriate) from below, it is also important to cut away any infected leaves as soon as possible to prevent further disease spread.


In this article, we have learned about Tomato Plants that are too Tall and Leggy. I think this is a very important topic to learn about. So many people have trouble with growing Tomatoes, in that they don’t know what to do about the tomatoes being too tall, and also the problem with them being leggy. I hope you found this article informative, important, and useful if anything you learned from this article is passed on, please let me know by commenting below I will reply back. If you have any doubts or queries, please leave them in the comment section below, and we will be happy to try to help you.