How Much Does a Weed Eater Weigh?

Have you ever thought about how much weed eater is, the newest and most popular garden tool that is so popular with homeowners around the world? You could buy a weed eater online or in a local garden center. A weed eater is a machine that is usually used to remove weeds but is also commonly used in removing grass and thinning out shrubs and gardens. 

It’s also used by contractors and homeowners to trim branches from trees, but only if they are a little taller than the weed eater can reach. A weed eater works by using a flexible shaft that contains inner blades that spin at an incredible speed. 

A typical battery-powered weed whacker can weigh from 7 to 12 pounds, depending on the model. Between 12 and 17 pounds should be your normal weight for a gas weed eater.

With a battery-powered weed eater, gas is needed to run the machine. This weed eater is also known as a string trimmer. Unlike the gas model, this one is lighter and easy to handle. But the downside of the battery-powered weed eater is that sometimes you have to replace the battery. Also, some models have a shaft that you can’t really attach anything to.

How Much Does A String Trimmer Weigh?

A Weed Eater or String Trimmer weighs between 5.5 to 20 pounds on average. Electric corded weed eaters weigh about 8 pounds without their extension cords. The greater weight of battery-powered weed eaters is due to their greater proficiency at continuous weighing. However, they have a wider range of weights.

Background on Weed Eater Weights

Weed eaters are used to trimming the grass and weeds around driveways and sidewalks. They are also very handy when it comes to cutting tall grass and weeds in the garden. Weed eaters have increased significantly in popularity during the last couple of years. They are small and easy to use, which makes them very versatile.

Gas Weed Eaters Weigh The Most

Weed eaters cut the grass and weeds, which are mostly grass and weeds. Gas weed eaters have a powerful motor and a high-quality cutting blade that can cut through the toughest of weeds.

In most cases, gas weed eaters have two or four-cycle engines. Both gasoline and oil are employed, and the string trimmer is equipped with either two or four engines. The weights provided for the materials we examined did not include the weight of the gas when providing a value.

Use A Gas Weed Eater For Power

The heavier 38.9-cc models weigh about 19 pounds, which is about the same as the 30-cc models. It may be worth the extra weight to have more cutting power if your backyard is overrun with thicker weeds. The bigger engine provides a little extra power to cut through weeds and brush without hesitation.

The pros of a battery weed eater are given below:


A gas machine is about 14-15 lbs. for a machine anywhere from 7 to 11 pounds. Having the strength to finish the job can be the difference between stopping early or finishing the job.

Easy to Use

The ease of use of the battery-powered weed eater is the reason why it has gained such popularity. You won’t need to keep adjusting the gas to a specific distance, and you can work for longer periods of time.

No Gas Required

When you work with a gas weed eater, you are always aware that by the end of the day, you will need to refill the tank with gasoline. That is not the case with a battery-powered model.

No Start Cord

When I first tried to yank on that cord and pray for enough pull, I was sobbing before I gave out of strength. The electric string trimmers don’t involve this frustration at all.

The cons of a battery string trimmer are given below:

Shorter run time

You will get about 20-40 minutes of run time from each battery. However, extra batteries will raise the price of a large lawn.


If you have a large amount of overgrown grass, you must have a lot of batteries to finish the job. If, by chance, you were, say, mowing your lawn with a battery machine, it makes it much easier to start the engine and run. This is the only con I could think of in regard to power.


If you are interested in purchasing, here is a little list of my recommendations :

1. Craftsman 20V Weed Wacker

A well-known brand has produced the Craftsman 20-Volt Weed Wacker. This battery-powered string trimmer has two-speed settings, which allow you to preserve battery life under easier conditions. It can be used as both a weed whacker and an edger, making it a great deal. It is able to be used on its side as a weed whacker and an edger.

Dimensions & Weight

The 20-Volt Weedwacker weighs about 6.7 lbs. There are some smaller swatches than the others, but if you have a limited area to maintain, you may find this to be the perfect size for your needs.


As with any other product, there are some cons to consider when considering this model of the 20-Volt Weedwacker. The Craftsman 20-Volt Weedwacker has many excellent features. It has a great power capacity and also has a 20-Volt battery, which will give you many years of use. It is also very lightweight, making it easy to maneuver.

2. EGO Power load 56 Volt- Best for large areas & lightweight use


The EGO PowerLoad is a battery-powered weed eater and edger that has a power capacity of 56 volts. It is able to be used as both a weed whacker and an edger, which makes it versatile in usage as well as easier on the environment.

Dimensions & Weight

The EGO PowerLoad weighs about 7 lbs. The design is quite simple, allowing for easy use and maneuverability. With its lightweight design, this model can be used with great ease. However, Reviewers report that between 30 and 45 minutes of runtime are provided for each battery charge depending on the thickness of the grass they are cutting.


The EGO has a 5-year warranty, and quality control issues are unlikely, but negative reviews mention quality control issues.

3. Stihl FSA 57- best for lightweight

People who own homes or maintenance personnel can also be familiar with the Stihl brand. Its brand name is recognizable even by those who are not experienced in using it. Its weed wacker and edger are very versatile, with a wide range of uses from home gardeners to farm work. The FSA 57 is a great weed whacker for light use. Its power and durability are perfect for light use, and its weight is also manageable.

Dimensions & Weight

The FSA 57 has dimensions of about 7.5 lbs. It has no blade guard, meaning that it may be somewhat more difficult to maneuver for some people; however, it does have an “intelligent” safety system that prevents the tool from starting with no operator pressure, provided the tool has not been in the on position for more than two seconds. The 11-inch cutting swath is achieved with a trimmer head that has a straight shaft.


The FSA 57 is more powerful with a more durable motor than any other electric weed whacker in its class. The power and durability of the motor are much better than any gas engine and make this tool ideal for light work.


The string tended to break too frequently for most people, even for general grass trimming. The trimmer line needs some finessing, but other than that, the Stihl weed eater is a top-rated machine.

4. Kobalt 80-Volt- Best for Large Areas

The Kobalt 80-Volt is a very powerful machine that has been made with durable steel construction. It has a 90-degree rotating blade that can be electric-assisted or self-propelled, depending on the user’s preference. This tool is very versatile and can be used for light to heavy weed whacking. Its innovative electric start makes it easy to use.

The Kobalt trimmer is only 11.7 lbs., which is still considerably less weight than an average gas-powered trimmer.

Dimensions & Weight

The Kobalt 80-Volt has dimensions with an adjustable range of 14-16 inches long and weighs about 24 lbs. According to reviewers, the Kobalt 80V weighs in at 11.7 lbs., including its battery. Sixty minutes of runtime per battery charge is advertised, but reviewers claim they get 45 minutes on average. The straight shaft length on the Kobalt is 53 inches, which would be suitable for most people. This weed eater has no blade guard and does not have any grinders, so much work can be done around obstacles.


The bigger the area, the more costly this machine may be. However, you won’t need as many extra batteries because of that. The Kobalt may be a better option for those with more space to maintain.


The most common pros we found were versatility, power, and durability. The versatility is simply the ability to use the Stihl weed eater for general garden work right alongside farm work. The power and durability were also rated highly. The trimmer is so powerful that it can be used to cut through most weeds and grass with ease, which is a benefit for any gardener or farmer.


We know how hard it is to find the right product. We have done our best to make sure that all of the products we listed above are not only rated as top-quality but also reviewed by professional gardening enthusiasts. Your purchase will help many other people in your area, and they will benefit from being able to use our guides. All products are good depending on your needs. Thanks for reading this post, and I hope you found out which product to buy. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Thanks for reading this post.